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The Office Wife V.0.67 Public Release

Here it is, folks. The latest update to The Office Wife game - the official V.0.67 Public Release.

A couple of notes about his release. It is a bit more linear than some other release simply because it is really the second part of the previous release, concluding Stacy and Jessie's revenge plot. The two halves were each too big to fit all in one release in any reasonable amount of time. This release has nearly 400 new images and 25 new animation clips.

I have included 10 save files starting at points throughout the game. Save slot 40 starts where the last update left off. You can reach Enchantment 48 and the release has a fixed ending. It is possible to reach the ending without getting all 48 enchantments. If that is the case, you can either replay from save slot 40 or wait for the next release.

I've included the walkthrough in a text file in the game package, but you can also get it on my website here.

The links to download are on the home page of my Patreon page at


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