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Housemaid on Haunted Hill - An interactive erotic adventure

   Growing up an orphan, Vanessa never had a real home—until she took a job at the infamous Baines Mansion taking care of the ninety-year-old patriarch, Frederick Baines. It was supposed to be a temporary gig but when the ghost of Frederick’s daughter sends her a warning, she’s drawn into a mystery of two missing girls, a dark enemy, and her growing insatiable lust.

   Between her own out-of-control impulses, a handsome but tortured heir who sweeps her off her feet, and mysterious outside forces pulling her in every direction, can Vanessa navigate through the twisted world of the Baines family to save the girls and maybe, just maybe, finally find love and a place to call home?

Tropes include enf, cmnf, exhibitionism, maid, sex with very old men, food play, gangbang, and of course, all manner of supernatural sex.

Cheat Sheet


2. Explore the house

3. Find shady place outside to eat lunch

4. Wear pajamas

5. Go out with Chad

6. Explore the barn

7. Invite Chad over

8. Eat lunch with Frederick

9. Eat breakfast first

10. Go to post office

11. Stay in for the night

12. Use bedpan

13. Go into town

14. Help Frederick bathe

15. Laundry

16. House party

17. Explore garden

18. Help Frederick bathe again

19. Stay with Frederick on porch

20. Drive in

21. Help Frederick to bathroom

22. Help Sam in kitchen

23. Eat lunch with Frederick

24. Call Parker

25. Use bedpan


27. Henrietta's Bedroom

28. Help Frederick to bathroom

29. Lunch outside

30. Breakfast early, make cereal

31. Call Parker

32. Continue squeezing

33. Top and skirt

34. Call Parker

35. Eat lunch with Frederick

36. Laundry

37. Stay with Frederick on porch

38. Go into town

39. Take off dress and panties

40. Explore garage

41. Visit parlor

42. Play a game with Frederick

43. Help Henrietta, clean reception room

44. Go into town

45. Help Henrietta, explore outside

46. Ask Frederick about the cottage

47. Ask Sam for a special breakfast

48. Call Parker

49. Eat lunch in kitchen

50. Help Henrietta, polish silverware

51. House Party

52. Lunch with Frederick

53. Dessert with Frederick

54. Go to Parker's



57. Make a run for it

58. Remain stone cold, play the good prisoner

59. Beg Jeffery to attack 

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