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Young gorgeous hotwife Brenda Keaton and her nineteen-year-old stepdaughter, Desiree, were left with no choice but to wear the outrageously skimpy costumes she'd accidentally ordered for them to the country club Halloween party they were co-hosting. Already having a rough time playing cocktail waitresses to a crowd of rich, entitled men, a violent thunderstorm rolls in and knocks the power out in the old monstrous former convent causing the night to take a turn for the truly bizarre. With Desiree stranded in the dark cellar with the creepy old groundskeeper, leaving Brenda desperate to please the horde of raucous fat cats on her own, will the women surrender to the dark desires driving them to the brink of madness?

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Adam Harvey knew his new job would take him into the rough and tough world of gearheads and biker gangs. What he didn't bargain for was that his young hot wife, Lizzie, would dive in deeper than he could ever imagine—and just how depraved their lives would get.

She giggled. She didn't fight, punch, or kick as the two large men carried her into the tent to do god knows what with her. She giggled. Lost and alone at the crazy Black Rock Festival, Adam must decide whether this will be a new chapter in his marriage, or the end of it. Torn between his pride and his prick, he confronts his deepest fears and desires in an effort to make sense of his wife's newfound inner slut. Choosing to slide down the rabbit hole with her, it soon becomes too much to face, and Adam, in his despair, makes a decision that will change their marriage forever.

Can Adam ever become the good cuckold husband his wife needs—or will it break them?

Part Two of a Three-Part series. 26k words.


Book One of Amy's Affairs

When newlyweds Jake and Amy Bryner take a trip to her college reunion at a beautiful mountain hot springs resort, they never suspect just how crazy of an adventure it's going to be. Not one, but three of her ex-boyfriends start hanging around reminiscing about the glory days with Amy. While Jake is uneasy about it, especially when she invites them all to a private pool, he can't deny how hot it is to see her prance around in a tiny bikini in front of her ex-lovers. What starts as harmless teasing, gets out of hand when Amy agrees to strip for a bit of ol' skinny dipping. Naked in a private pool with four men who've all had her at one time or another, Jake finds himself torn between protecting his marriage and the impulses raging through his body. Can he handle watching his wife relive her old party days right in front of him with her ex-lovers... or will it break him?



Adam Harvey knew his new job would take him into the rough and tough world of gearheads and biker gangs. What he didn't bargain for was that his young hot wife, Lizzie, would dive in deeper than he could ever imagine--and just how depraved their lives would get.
As the newly appointed chief of marketing for the biggest brand of biker gear in the country, Adam and Lizzie end up at the infamous Black Rock festival. Even with the help of a gritty but charming Australian bloke by the name of Crow, Adam and Lizzie aren't ready for the free-loving wife-swapping alpha-male culture they find themselves in. With his job depending on it, Adam and Lizzie must choose to either resist the hordes of horny bikers pawing at her gorgeous body or to give in...with no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Will Adam succeed in standing up to the forces vying for his wife or will he end up just another cuckoldsap?

Part One of a Three-Part series. 21k words.


A Hotwife Cuckold Tale

Date night was supposed to be fun. Date night was supposed to help. Date night was not supposed to involve Trevor William's wife, Amy, disappearing with the same black bull she cheated on him with. When she returns with all the tell-tale signs of being recently ravaged, Trevor reaches his breaking point. Intent on becoming the cold hard alpha male Amy seems to crave, Trevor decides to fulfill one of his own deepest darkest fantasies with her. 

As Trevor finds himself in a nearby abandoned building peeling his wife's dress off for a couple of homeless men to have their fun with, he wonders if he's gone too far. The look of lust on his wife's face tells a different story. Things then spiral out of control when two thugs decide to join the party and toss Trevor outside, leaving poor Amy at their mercy.

Will Trevor be able to save his wife? Does she even need saving? Has his depraved desires doomed his marriage...or sparked it anew?

Date Night is a dark tale of debauchery and cuckoldry with a mostly happy ending. 15k words, no fluff. Enjoy.

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