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Amy's Affairs - Book ONe

Hot Springs Vacation P.1

When newlyweds Jake and Amy Bryner take a trip to her college reunion at a beautiful mountain hot springs resort, they never suspect just how crazy of an adventure it's going to be. Not one, but three of her ex-boyfriends start hanging around reminiscing about the glory days with Amy. While Jake is uneasy about it, especially when she invites them all to a private pool, he can't deny how hot it is to see her prance around in a tiny bikini in front of her ex-lovers. What starts as harmless teasing, gets out of hand when Amy agrees to strip for a bit of ol' skinny dipping. Naked in a private pool with four men who've all had her at one time or another, Jake finds himself torn between protecting his marriage and the impulses raging through his body. Can he handle watching his wife relive her old party days right in front of him with her ex-lovers... or will it break him?

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