The Office Wife 

When hot young newlywed Stacy Jones comes into possession of a mysterious amulet, she begins experiencing powerful cravings for naughty fun that her husband and other men in her office are happy to indulge. What begins as playful exhibitionism and teasing rapidly spirals out of control.

Are these just harmless games or is something more dangerous going on? Navigate Stacy through her scorching hot journey to find the truth of the amulet and the insatiable lust that consumes her in this Interactive Hotwife Adventure.

The Office Wife Walkthrough (contains some spoilers)

Day 1: morning routine, take car to work, talk to Jason or go to desk or talk to Michael, talking to Michael opens up working for Jim Slater or Polly, can use the restroom and/or visit Jason in the break room before second half of morning, in second half of morning work for Jim Slater, Polly, or work at desk, go to lunch at O’Shannon’s, Chi-Chi’s, or Antonelli’s, return to office, mess around on the internet for a bit or go straight to work in the warehouse, talk to David in warehouse and he’ll have you work with Stevie, go upstairs to desk, go to basement to examine gym, run into Zack, meet Zack, go outside to car to go home, car won’t start, go to stairway in front of office building to subway, take train home, train scene, go home, talk to Jason, go to bed.


Enchantment 2: same basic routine, but this time work out in the gym at night and take a shower.

Enchantment 3: go to Doctor Kelly’s in the morning, work with Stevie in afternoon.

Enchantment 4: visit Jason before lunch, kiss him deeper, work with Stevie in the afternoon, talk to Jason at night.

Enchantment 5: work with Stevie in the afternoon again (if you didn’t before).

Enchantment 6: visit Doctor Kelly in the morning.

Enchantment 7: visit Jason before lunch, let him continue.

Enchantment 8: work out in gym, take a shower.

Enchantment 9: visit Jason before lunch, let him continue, talk to Jason at night.

Enchantment 10: work with Jim Slater who will have you work with Marcus, talk to Nate, O’shannon’s for lunch, sit with Andy.

Enchantment 11: talk to Jessie, work with Polly, talk to Nate again, sit with Andy at lunch again.

Enchantment 12: work with Marcus again, sit with Andy at lunch again, visit Transport Authority, go to Dixon’s in Night District to get flash drive, return to Transport Authority, next day, talk to Michael and work with Marcus again, return to the Transport Authority to get the report, return to desk to view report.

Enchantment 13: visit Jason before lunch, let him continue until he tries to pull top open, receive new outfit from Nate

Enchantment 14: work out in gym

Enchantment 15: work with Jim Slater twice

Enchantment 16: talk with Jessie in the evening

Enchantment 17: follow Jason downstairs at lunch

Enchantment 18: go to Knocker's at night

Enchantment 19: visit Dr. Christensen

V.0.26 - not all of this has to be done in the same order

Talk to Michael

Work with Jim Slater (third massage)

Talk to Jason before lunch (Enchantment +1)

Work in warehouse - find three items

Workout in gym


Next day

Talk to Michael

Work with Jim Slater (fourth massage)

Eat at Chi-Chi’s (if you haven’t yet, short scene)

Work at warehouse - find three items again

Workout in gym

Go to Dixon’s (should trigger after Zack asks for help -  Enchantment +1)


Next day

Talk to Michael (intro to Bruce)

Work with Jim Slater (Marcus)

Talk to Jason before lunch

Workout in gym (help Zack - Enchantment +1)


Next day

Talk to Michael

Train with Nate

Talk to Jason before lunch

Go to Knockers after work (Enchantment +1)


Next day

Go to doctor (Enchantment +1)

Talk to Michael

Work with Jim Slater (plan dinner)


Dinner with Jim Slater should  be the following day (Enchantment +1)


Enchantment 26 - talk to Michael, work with Jim, get phone call at lunch, go to police station (via subway).

Enchantment 27 - next day Michael should be gone, talk to Jason at lunch while Michael is gone.

Enchantment 28 - Go to Dixon’s at night after work.

Enchantment 29 - talk to Michael on day he gets back, go to O’Shannon’s for lunch and eat with Andy, work in The Void in afternoon,  go to Dixon’s at night, next day eat lunch with Andy again - get bathroom scene.

Enchantment 30 - after second night at Dixon’s , talk to Jason before lunch and go downstairs with either Jason or Nate, next morning they greet you upon arrival to work, work with Michael, work with Jim, , Marcus scene, talk to Jason before lunch again.

Also check out a couple new gym scenes, both with Zack and alone.


Work out with Zack
Talk to Marcus at work in the morning
Have lunch with Andy
Go to Dixon’s after work
Talk to Michael in the morning
Work with Jim Slater
Talk to Jason before lunch
Work out with Zack
The rest should play out automatically  - end at Enchantment 34.


Finish day at work after Jason is fired

Talk to Jason at home

Next day - day off - take train to Business District

Things to do on your day off:

Run in the park, lunch with receptionist from the Transport Authority, get a drink at O'Shannon's, talk to the bum in the alley next to the office, explore the abandoned subway station in the night district (not much there...for now), peek in the window at Max's - you might not be able to all of these as time passes quickly.

Nate calls - take the train home to change - change, freshen up in the bathroom -take the train back to the business district and go to Knockers

Next day - go to work, talk to Jessie, talk to Nate, meet Jessie in the bathroom, talk to Michael, work with Polly, lunch - talk to Nate or go to O'Shannon's - finish work, workout with Zack or Dixon's (don't miss the Stranger on the bench after leaving the park).

Next day - go to the doctor (optional), go to work, talk to Michael, work with Jim or Polly, lunch - Nate or O'Shannon's, afternoon bathroom scene in the warehouse, can work out that night (or Dixon's if you haven't done that yet), go home - final scene with Jason returning home.


Day 1

Talk to Jason, go to work
Talk to hobo near entrance, talk to David in warehouse
Talk to hobo again, talk to security guard (get clothes bag back)
Talk to Michael, use bathroom (talk to Jessie), talk to Bruce
Work with Jim, lunch at O'Shannon's with Andy, warehouse work
Dixon's at night or go straight home

Day 2

Landlord scene, go to work, talk to Michael
work with Polly, talk to Miguel
go to transport authority and have lunch with Tabitha
work in warehouse (rat scene) 
Dixon's or go straight home (whichever you haven't done yet)

Day 3

Landlord scene, go to work, talk to hobo outside
use bathroom, talk to Michael, work with Jim
Lunch at Chi-Chi's (triggers photo shoot later)
warehouse work, photo shoot - go home to get outfit,
go back to business district, enter Rothsby's Photo Studio
go home

Day 4

Landlord scene at door (hint - you can answer before getting dressed)
Office - normal - talk to Michael, work at desk
Lunch - Antonelli's (new jogging scene)  or go with Nate
warehouse - work at desk again
Night - Knockers or Dixon's

Day 5
Go to work, office - talk to Michael or just work at a desk
Lunch - go with Nate (hint - at some point you will need to go
with Nate twice with the door locked to trigger an even that will
be in the next relesae) or O'Shannon's - Andy.
Night - Knocker's or Dixon's (whichever you haven't done yet)

Day 6
Go to work, office - talk to Michael or just work at a desk
Lunch - wherever
warehouse - work at desk
Night - work out with Zack
Go home - Jessie scene
Game ends at enchantment 42 is using the included slot 30 save




Day 1

Talk to Michael
Lunch with Andy
Go to park and talk to man on the bench

Warehouse: find hidden room in The Void.
After work: go home - short subway grope scene,
at home, you will talk to Jason about helping the hobo (or Knocker's or Dixon's, if you wish).

Day 2

Work on project at desk
Lunch - any (recommend Chi-Chi's)
Go to park and talk to man on the bench - get doggy treat

Warehouse: Stevie scene
After work: Dixon's or Knocker's
you visit the abandoned subway in the
Night District and give the doggy treat to

the stray dog. (repeatable)

Day 3

Landlord scene in morning (if you've done the Knocker's flyers scene)
At work - work at desk, talk to Jim, talk to Jessie, Miguel, and
Angelo (in the basement storage room)
Work at desk
Lunch - any (do second Chi-Chi's to get an enchantment)
Warehouse: Simon scene
Night: talk to Zack, then go do either Dixon's or Knocker's, whichever
you haven't done yet

Day 4 - day of filming

This day is mostly automatic so not many choices - just enjoy
Scenes: warehouse scene with Jessie and Miguel filming, training
with Jim in the conference room, Zack in the basement - IT Guys
meetup in the gym, scene with Jason at night.

Day 5

This is also mostly automatic. Once you get into the office, security
takes you upstairs to Michael's office where you get the final scene
of the update.


List of Enchantments (in no particular order):

49. Antonelli's - Park Yoga scene
50. Michael scene
51. Jim Dinner 2 scene - triggered by working with Jim, talking to Jason at night at home.
52. Tunnels - Stevie scene
53. dog scene - requires giving multiple doggy treats and using the dog dildo a few times 
     (if you didn't get the dog dildo before, you can go back to Dixon's in the evening to get 
      it - then you have both). You then have to talk to stranger, get stethoscope from Doctor's
      office, then talk to stranger again.
54. Zack gym scene
55. Photoshoot 2 scene - triggered by going to Chi-Chi's, lunch with Tabitha (ench 49 or higher).

Side scenes

- bathroom with Jessie - get her to start dressing sluttier
- break room scene with cookies - have to use break room twice with - triggers on second time
- man on bench scene
- landlord scene
- Polly/Michael scene
- convo with Nate
- working with Marcus
- new Andy piss scene
- updated a bunch of gallery scenes, though still not complete


List of Enchantments (in no particular order):
56. Michael Tour - talk to five people then go back to Michael's desk
57. Hobo at home - go straight home from work
58. Polly web camming - work with Polly in the morning, go there at night
59. Photoshoot 3 with Tabitha - work at desk twice in a row in the morning
60. Dixon's - subway 
61. Knocker's strip club

Side scenes

- new Jessie scene - work at desk first in morning before talking to Michael - need ench 58+
- new dog scene - visit alone
- new chi-chi's scene
- new yoga scene
- new business district bathroom scene
- new landlord scene
- new Bruce cut scene
- new Andy scene and extended bathroom scene
- new warehouse scenes


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