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The Office Wife 

The Office Wife - An Interactive Hotwife Adventure

When hot young newlywed Stacy Jones comes into possession of a mysterious amulet, she begins experiencing powerful cravings for naughty fun that her husband and other men in her office are happy to indulge.      Are they just harmless games or is something more dangerous going on? Navigate Stacy through her scorching hot journey to find the truth of the amulet and the insatiable  lust that consumes her in this Interactive Hotwife Adventure.

 #hotwife #slutwife  #exhibitionism

Cheat Sheet



3. Take a shower

4. Kiss Jason even deeper

5. Let Stevie look

6. Get an examination

7. Let Jason pull your skirt up/rally

8. Work out in the gym

9. Let Jason pull your skirt up again/Food Court

10. Sit with Andy

11. Work in Marketing

12. Let Jason unbutton your shirt

13. Wear the spaghetti strap top

14. Work out, don't put the panties on

15. Let Jim rub your shoulder

16. Mess around on the internet

17. Let Jim give you a massage

18. Follow Jason downstairs

19. Go out with Jason

20. Follow Jason downstairs again

21. Go to the doctor

22. Work out with Zack

23. Go to Scooter's

24. Give Jason your panties

25. Work out with Zack

26. Work out on your own

27. Go with Nate before lunch, anal

28. Sit with Andy

29. Stop by the bathroom

30. Let Jim massage your breasts

31. Climb on your doctor's lap

32. Go home with Nate

33. Go with Jason before lunch

34. Stop by the bathroom

35. Go with Nate before lunch, anal

36. Work out with Zack

37. Work out alone

38. Go home with Nate

39. Go to Chi-Chi's

40. Go home to Jason, go with homeless guy

41. Work in Sales, team meeting

42. Go to the nightclub

43. Go to Antonelli's

44. Work out alone

45. Go home with Nate, go to Franklin's

46. Go with homeless man

47. Go to Spiritpaths

48. Take the subway home

49. Stay home with Jason

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