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Two big announcements...

The first is that I'm done writing the first draft of Make Me Famous Episode 3: Rising Star. I should have it edited and formatted in time for a July 5 release. The second announcement is that Serving Strangers, which hasn't been available on Amazon for a long time, is not up there for sale and free on KU. There's a bonus at the end of it--if you sign up for my newsletter, you can get a free copy Housemaid on Haunted Hill, which is currently only available on Amazon for $6.99. At over 300k words, that is quite the bargain.

Final conversion complete

I've finally finished converting all my old "Mr. Silence" books to my current pen name, "J. S. Deacon". Now you can find all my books on my Amazon author page together in one place The last to get changed over were both books of The Company Girl series, which are still some of my favorites and a blast to write (and they're both free on Kindle Unlimited).. I always planned on finishing it with a third installment. Maybe I will get around to it one of these days.


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