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The Office Wife V.0.70 Public Release

Here it is, folks. The Public Release of The Office Wife V.0.70. (click on "Show More" to find the download links).

What's in it? You get a whopping 7 enchantments you can achieve and over 500 new renders. Not only have all the routine scenes been updated with Stacy's new work outfit, but there are new H-scenes in the park, with Zack, Andy, Jim, Michael, Stevie, Tabitha, Marcus, Chi-Chi's, and more!

There is a helpful walkthrough included in the game file (that will also be posted on my website). This release has no hard ending, but you can get up to Enchantment 55. There are also several side and smaller scenes that don't lead to an Enchantment.

I have included saves (30-37) that start in various places throughout the game. Save slot 37 picks up where the last release left off and that is where you should start if you've played through all of the game so far.

If you encounter any bugs, please email me at Please include your save file with your global save file. Please also indicate what operating system you are on and give a general description of what you were doing when the bug occurred. Screenshots help too.

That's about it. I hope you all enjoy!


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