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The Office Wife V.0.60 Public Release

Below are the links to the public release of The Office Wife V.0.60. 

A few things to note: old saves won't work right. I've included a handful of saves this time at various places to help accommodate for this. Slot 30 picks up where this new release begins. You can get up to Enchantment 42, at which point the game ends. If you are using an old save, you might have missed something and will never reach Enchantment 42, thus the game will never end. I would recommend starting with that slot 30 save and going from there if this happens.

What's in this update? New scenes with Nate, Jessie, Michael, Zack, Stevie & Simon, Dixon, Tabitha, and several new characters including the landlord and the mysterious Mr. X. There is also more to explore with several side plots taking seed. Don't hesitate to talk to strangers, particularly at night.


​Windows Patch (only works if you have V.0.52 full already): ​​The Office Wife V.0.60 ​Patch​

Unofficial Versions

​Italian Translation:​The Office Wife V.0.60 Italian


- J. S. Deacon


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