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The Office Wife V.0.51 Prerelease - Civic Leaders

Here is the long-awaited newest update. I released V.0.50 yesterday as a pre-prerelease for Pimps and higher and have since made several bug-fixes and small changes, enough of which called for a separate version number. So, here is V.0.51. As a prerelease, it is still subject to bugs and I still require your feedback (okay, I don't require it, but I DO appreciate it).   Old saves won't work right. I've included a handful of saves this time at various places to help accommodate for this. Slot 28 picks up where this new release begins. Link: Walkthrough Finish day at work after Jason is fired Talk to Jason at home Next day - day off - take train to Business District Things to do on your day off: Run in the park, lunch with receptionist from the Transport Authority, get a drink at O'Shannon's, talk to the bum in the alley next to the office, explore the abandoned subway station in the night district (not much there...for now), peek in the window at Max's - you might not be able to all of these as time passes quickly. Nate calls - take the train home to change - change, freshen up in the bathroom - take the train back to the business district and go to Knockers Next day - go to work, talk to Jessie, talk to Nate, meet Jessie in the bathroom, talk to Michael, work with Polly, lunch - talk to Nate or go to O'Shannon's - finish work, workout with Zack or Dixon's (don't miss the Stranger on the bench after leaving the park). Next day - go to the doctor (optional), go to work, talk to Michael, work with Jim or Polly, lunch - Nate or O'Shannon's, afternoon bathroom scene in the warehouse, can work out that night (or Dixon's if you haven't done that yet), go home - final scene with Jason returning home. Other additions: Gallery - through the bedroom mirror (this is only partially completed) Audio - new music and sound effects throughout the game New maps - park, Jessie's apartment, Jessie's neighborhood, Night District abandoned subway station Bug fixes -too many to list - (there was a "null" error popping up in random places - I think this is from a plugin conflict. I've made some adjustments and haven't been able to replicate it. Hopefully, it's fixed, but if not, please screenshot it and send it to me. I'm very interested in figuring out what's going on.) As always, if you find bugs, have comments, feedback, or suggestions, please message me on here. I love hearing from you all.

Thanks!  - J. S. Deacon


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