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New Book and New Game Release

I was busy this last month. What should really be two separate blog posts is getting combined into one. First, I just released a new story, ex-Conned Part Two: Sharing Her Love. This is the second part in the ex-Conned series and picks up with Roger pushing young, hot Katie into ever-crazier situations with her neighbor, his thick-necked corrupt PO, her co-workers, a pizza delivery gone awry, and even his ex-cellmate. Needless to say, this book is stuffed with loads of gooey hotness.

And, on another front, I finished and released V.0.40 of The Office Wife Game. In this latest release, we find Stacy Jones indulging her impulses more and more. Sometimes it's by necessity, sometimes just for fun. Jason has her doing his dirty work to implement his plan to get rid of cock-blocker Bruce, which ends up with Jason and Stacy in an extremely compromising situation. At the same time, Stacy learns more about the origins of her mysterious necklace and takes further guidance from Uncle Dixon, who has become her Mr. Miyagi of all things carnal. I've also added a new Hint system, which should help navigating the choices and several little easter egg scenes to help fill in the surrounding open-world. The Office Wife is always and forever free, so don't hesitate to check it out.


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