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Hot Wife Road Trip Epilogue

Here's a bonus epilogue to one of my old classics, Hot Wife Road Trip:

Cassie woke up with a start. The air was hot and heavy and the bed sheets were sticking to her naked skin. The bed was empty, which wasn't unusual. She often slept in past the boys. Now that none of them were working, her only alone time came late at night after they passed out—usually drunk.

What was unusual was the late October heat. Arkansas had long summers and late winters, but that particular summer didn’t want to die. Not that Cassie minded. She was not a cold weather person. Her petite frame made her prone to chill and her wardrobe, which was already skimpy, had grown even more so since she and Tom had brought Keith home from Colorado.


If Tom was a dog, then Keith was a wolf. From the minute he arrived, he acted like he owned not only their home, but her as well. In fact, she could count on one hand the number of times he’d allowed her to make love with Tom, who was technically still her husband, whereas Keith fucked her at least twice a day.

On top of that, he’d made good on his plans to start whoring her out, albeit slowly. Their little road trip had cost her the waitressing job, but Keith had found a couple of guys willing to pay for access to her young nubile body. The guys were pretty scummy and couldn’t afford much. She still did it as it was their only source of income, but Keith’s grand plans of making them rich off of her weren’t panning out well. The problem wasn’t that men weren’t willing to pay top dollar for a gorgeous young hottie like her, but that they weren’t able to. All of northern Arkansas had been in an economic rut for decades. There just weren’t that many people looking for a whore who were able to may more than fifty dollars for a roll in the hay.

So that was it. She’d fucked three dirty old men for fifty bucks a piece. That was barely enough to feed them. Times were getting desperate and she was worried

She swept her wet, matted platinum hair from her face and pushed the sheets off of her buxom chest, basking in the cool air washing over her.

Slipping out of bed, she climbed over the piles of clothes and other garbage to get to the bathroom. The place was filthy. If she was going to be fucking men for money, she sure as hell wasn’t going to clean while those jerks sat around smoking pot and playing video games all day.

After a quick shower and some light makeup, she wrapped a threadbare towel around her body and left the bathroom to make some much-needed coffee. She didn’t make it three steps into the living room before stopping dead in her tracks. Their landlord, Mr. Sulzman, was standing just inside the door talking with Keith and Tom.

“There she is,” Keith said.

“Hi, Cassie,” Mr. Sulzman said. He was generally a cranky old man to everyone but her. Everyone knew Mr. Sulzman and she’d know him since she was born. Somehow, he’d always been old too.

“Hi, Mr. Sulzman. Sorry, I didn’t know you were here. I should go put some clothes on.”

“Wait,” Keith said. “Come here.”

She glanced at Tom who just shrugged. He said very little those days. He was also clearly stoned out of his mind.

“Keith...let me get dressed.”

“Come here first.”

She didn’t understand why she always listened to him, but she had trouble saying no to anyone, really. She sauntered over, holding the towel tightly around her chest.

“I’m not here to start any trouble,” Mr. Sulzman said. “But the rent it two months past due. I’ve given you folks plenty of time—“

“I said we’re good for it,” Keith said. “Are you calling me a liar?”

“Look, young man. I’ll believe you when you pay.”

“We’re late on rent?” Cassie asked. She knew money had been tight, but not that tight.

Keith pulled her over in front of him and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly against his body. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. This guy’s being totally unreasonable.”

“Keith...I’m sorry, Mr. Sulzman...”

“Cassie...I know it’s not your fault. You’ve been a hard worker since I can remember. I guess I don’t understand why a bright young woman like you is with these punks.”

“Hey now,” Keith said. “She’s with these punks because she’s a horny little slut, ain’t ya, babe?”

Her cheeks burned bright red. “I...I’m not!”

Keith laughed. “You’re a terrible liar.”

“Keith, please stop...” she said.

He just laughed again and flipped her around to face him. “So, you’re not a slut then?”

She looked back at Mr. Sulzman hoping he’d help her out or leave or something...anything. Instead, he just stood there looking at her with disappointment.

She’d spent her whole live hoping to avoid falling into that rural small town poverty trap that everyone else she knew failed to escape and yet there she was...

Keith’s tongue was suddenly inside her mouth. It was almost as if he knew her thoughts were running away from her and that he should shut them down before she ran off with them.

It was no ordinary kiss. He shoved his tongue in deep and slipped his hands down to her ass. She tried to squirm away but he held her tightly, massaging her buttocks right in front of Mr. Sulzman.

She panicked when she realized what he was doing.

“Keith wait...” she managed to get out before he shoved his tongue back into her mouth.

He didn’t listen. He never listened. Once he had his mind set, there was no changing it.

Adrenaline surged through her as Keith pushed the towel up over the curve of her bare ass.

Why wasn’t Mr. Sulzman saying anything? Where was Tom? Was no one going to stop it?

Keith continued making out with her while he squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled them open invitingly. The thick bulge in his shorts rubbed against her abdomen and despite her horror at being shown off to an old family friend she’d known since childhood, her body reacted in the way it always did as the prospect of taking a thick juicy cock.

She was little more than jelly as Keith tugged the towel downward until it slipped off of her breasts. She whimpered and covered her chest as Keith spun her back around to face Mr. Sulzman.

“Now now,” Keith said. “Behave and show the nice man those beautiful titties.”

Cassie took a deep breath and slowly dropped her arms to reveal her large natural breasts to their landlord. She clutched the towel over her pelvis to protect what little modesty she had left.

Mr. Sulzman just stood there gawking. She couldn’t look him in the eye, but she could tell he was looking at her.

“I...uh...” he started to say. “You, um, have developed quite nicely, young lady.”

She wanted to crawl into a hole and die. There was no hole, though, and even if there was, Keith would find her, drag her out, and fuck her first.

“Let’s just get rid of this,” Keith said, pulling the towel completely away. “Beautiful, eh?”

“Indeed,” Mr. Sulzman said.

“She has a really soft mouth.”

“I bet she does,” the old man said. She could hear the change in his voice. It happened to all men when they started thinking with their cocks instead of their brains.

Somehow, she’d become the rent.

They didn’t have to strike a deal. It was silently understood. Were men just born with that man-code or was it something they taught little boys? First with Tom and then with Keith, she’d come to understand it as well. She knew her duty and despite how humiliating it was, or maybe because of, her nectar was dripping down her thighs in anticipation.

She offered no resistance as Keith guided her to her knees, eye-level with Mr. Sulzman’s crotch. Nor did he resist when she unfastened his pants and pulled his undershorts to his thighs. A thick, knobby, mostly-erect penis bobbed above a massive pair of balls and a tangled mess of grey hair.

She delicately grabbed it like she had done with so many others, and flicked her tongue across the tip teasingly. He was clean, at least, and didn’t smell like anything but old man. Soon, his prick was jabbing the back of her throat as she sucked him to full stiffness.

With Keith’s help, she had honed her cock sucking skills to a high level of expertise—according to him anyway. Mr. Sulzman seemed to appreciate her worshipping of all parts of his genitalia, particularly when she rubbed his cock against her cheek while licking and sucking on his balls.

He wasn’t the kind of man to be satisfied with merely a blowjob, though, so she guided him to the recliner and straddled his hips, hovering her soaking wet sex right above his rigid manhood.

“You look even better than your mother did when you were born,” he said. “What I would have given to have her on my lap like this back then. I guess I just had to wait for something better.”

“Go ahead, Mr. Sulzman...put it in me.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. He rammed her onto his cock, driving it as deep inside her tight, warm body as it could go.

She could hardly believe she was bouncing on old man Sulzman’s cock. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined such a fate. Her tits swung in circles as she drove her body onto his prick over and over again.

Tom and Keith were both stroking their cocks. After Mr. Sulzman was done with her, she’d have to satisfy them as least Keith anyway. She wasn’t sure if he was going to allow Tom to get a piece that morning. He took great joy in keeping her away from Tom.

Cassie was just building up to her own climax as Mr. Sulzman pinned her down on his lap and pumped her womb full of old man cum. It wasn’t like she ever used a rubber with anyone. She knew she was likely to get pregnant one day but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.

The truth was she quite liked both the sensation and the idea of a man’s cum bathing her vulnerable cervix.

“Oh my,” Mr. Sulzman said as she lifted off of his wilting penis. Jizz poured out of her. “That was quite wonderful.” He slurped one of her nipples into his mouth before pushing her off.

“She’s the fucking tits,” Keith said.

“Well, gentlemen, miss, I’d say that covers one month of rent. You still owe me another month, though.”

“What? Fucking her’s not worth two months?”

“Close...but no.”

“So what, you’re still going to evict us?” Tom asked, finally opening his mouth.

“Not so fast.” Mr. Sulzman grabbed a handful of Cassie’s breast and squeezed. “You’re just going to owe me.”

“Uh huh,” Keith said, grinning in understanding.

“I owe some friends a favor and I think young Cassie here could help out with that. This could be a win-win for everyone.”

“Sir, Cassie will be available whenever...and for need. Right, honey?”

“Um, yes, I guess,” she said.

“And,” Keith went on, “if your friends want some additional time with her, you know, we could use the funds.”

“I may be able to arrange something like that as well, for a cut, anyway.”

“Of course,” Keith said.

“That’s good to hear...but, sweetie, maybe next time put a smile on that face. You’re gonna have to get over that shyness.”

Why was her pussy tingling at the sound of them treating her like cattle? She didn’t know if she’d ever get over her shyness, but she didn’t think she’d ever have a problem getting wet for whomever they put in front of her.

Keith is right...I am just a horny slut.

“I’ll try to smile more, Mr. Sulzman...and my pussy’s available for whoever you want to give it to.”

“Aren’t you the sweetest.”

The End.


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