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A Haunted Hot Wife Halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of year. The veil of reality drifts away and we get to indulge our wildest fantasies (okay, within reason). My writing has a dark bent anyway, so I particularly enjoy an opportunity to go even spookier when I can.

The just-released A Haunted Hot Wife Halloween has gorgeous young hotwife Brenda Keaton discovering at the last minute that the nun and catholic school girl costumes she ordered for herself and her step-daughter (only four years her junior) are more like stripper outfits than costumes. With no time to change plans before the big country club Halloween party, they are left with no choice but to wear them anyway. What they don't anticipate is a violent thunderstorm knocking out the power in the creepy former convent in which the party is taking place. Whether its some dark, haunted force or just the deep hidden inner libido of the women, the night soon spins out of control with Brenda serving far more than drinks to the room full of raucous men while her step-daughter learns her own lessons about life with the creepy old groundskeeper in the cellar.

Happy Halloween!

- J. S.


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