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Merry Christmas!

Last year, on a whim, I wrote A Cuckold Christmas Story in a weekend. Some stories are a slogfest to get through and others practically write themselves. This was one of the latter and all year I've been thinking about what happened to Pete and Melanie after he engaged to her? Did they get married? Did she return to work at the office? Has Pete learned to accept that he alone may not be enough to satisfy her insatiable needs?

Well, here you go. A Cuckold Christmas Story: Part Two. I wasn't ready for this story to end and I hope neither were you. Spoiler alert: there IS another Christmas party and there IS a metric assload of dark, naughty fun involving the gorgeous vixen Melanie and to the extent he's invited to participate, poor Pete.

In other news, I am about two-thirds of the way finished with the fourth and final installment of the Make Me Famous series. I am hoping to get that out in the next month or so and then write the sequel to ex-Conned: Slut in Training, which is already outlined.

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